Information and Travel Websites

250x250_square_PTBA_industryArtist and Art Galleries Directory – find local artists and art groups, in your community or on your travels. Free listings for artists, art groups, and galleries.

California Mission Guide – explore the 21 Spanish Missions that were the foundations for California.

California Redwoods Guide – visit the awesome redwood forests along the 31-mile Avenue of the Giants.

Canada Day Events – find Canada Day celebrations and fireworks displays in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver, Halifax and more.

Chinatown Visitor’s Directory – discover Chinatowns throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and England.  Learn about dragon dances, lion dances, and Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.

Boston China Town • Chicago China Town • London China Town • Los Angeles China Town • New York / Manhattan China Town • Oakland China Town • Philadelphia China Town • San Francisco China Town • Sydney China Town • Toronto China Town • Vancouver China Town

College News Connection – a search-engine-friendly web directory of college newspapers throughout the United States.

Consumer Bankruptcy Counseling (legacy site) – this site no longer provides free counseling for people filing bankruptcy, but there are still some useful resources on the site.

Copyright Safeguard – information about copyrights, and how copyright laws affect you.  Register for a free Copyright Safeguard notice for your website.

July 4th Fireworks Info – find Independence Day celebrations and fireworks displays in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago and more.

Roadstop Guide – a guide to the unique stops along the way that define the quintessential American road trip!

Silicon Valley Guide – an insider’s guide to Silicon Valley, the birthplace of the 21st century.

Texas Mission Guide – learn about and visit the Spanish Missions that grew into the modern state of Texas.  From cattle drives to adobe structures, Texas culture began with the missions.

Yucatan Travel Advisor – personal experiences traveling on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.